Travis ADR

Mark Travis came to NoSleepforSheep looking for a brand refresh. His current branding and webiste was outdated, and he had no original files for any of his branding content. So when I started on this project, I wanted to make sure we equipped him with all of the tools he needed to successfully keep his branding consistent for years to come. Plus, we wanted to give him a great website that would stand out in the oversaturated market of law firms. 

We started the project with his logo and color palette. Mr. Travis said he really liked his logo, but just wanted a modern update for it. After providing a few different modernized logos with both serif and sans serif fonts, we all agreed that Trajan Pro 3 was the best option. For the color pallet, I decided a very monochromatic color pallet would work well for Mr. Travis, not only because it would make it easier for him in the process of creating any more print or web products (thinking letterheads and social media posts), but it also simplified his branding assets and made his website appear much more powerful than what he started with. 

I created his website on WordPress. We used a purchased theme based on the look and feel he wanted to go for, and I made front end development changes, and laid out all of the content and photos. I also organized the navigation, and went through and tested every single link in the site. Although, since this was for the NoSleepforSheep team, my main job was leading the design. Presenting this to Mr. Travis was extremely exciting, mostly because the enthusiasm he had about his whole new brand was contagious. Along with the website, I also created a letterhead, envelope, resume, and new business cards. 

A huge thank you to Mark Travis for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to re-create his brand. In May of 2017 I got an exciting email from Mr. Travis:


A Review from Mark C. Travis, J.D., LL.M.

“Just wanted to let you guys know that i just returned from a conference in Memphis of the International Academy of Mediators and has three separate colleagues compliment me (out of the blue) on my website. One told me he was re-doing his and told his web designer to “look at Travis’s””