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Creating social media content and keeping up with engagement can be extremely time consuming, but having a great social media strategy can be instrumental to boosting your business. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in business for a while – I can help you establish a strong social media presence with consistent, beautiful, and interesting posts for your audience. I’ve been professionally managing social media accounts since 2016 for a wide range of small businesses with proven results.

My packages start with:

  • Professionally designed graphics customized to your business branding
  • High quality and unique images curated specifically for your business

  • A proven strategy to help you achieve your social media goals
  • Heavily researched content that not only entertains and educates your audience, but sets you apart from the competition

Take a look at Vine & Branch Co.

Vine and Branch Co. has been in business since May of 2021, but I’ve been actively managing the Instagram and Facebook accounts for the business since January 2021. Since then, the account has gained over 500 new followers, but has reached well over 20K people per month in the most recent months. Through customized reels, branded imagery, and designed text posts, I’ve helped create an extremely interactive audience for Vine & Branch Co. and we’ve also seen it impact sales of their houseplants significantly. 

Let’s meet Julia

From October 2021 to March 2022 I was her main account manager. In those 5 months, I created daily, customized Instagram posts for her account and ultimately boosted her account by over 400 followers and her engagement increased significantly as well. Her website (also launched by me) has received over 50% of its viewers through her social media accounts. 

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